'Resolution' - New Country/Rock Guitar Instrumental Release!

Resolution: From iPhone To iTunes

Paul's new instrumental track 'Resolution' is a fulfillment of a New Year's resolution, which all started with a basic recording on his cell phone.

"I was playing my resonator guitar on New Year's Eve and came up with a little riff and recorded it on my cell phone.After that I kept working on it, adding new sections and recording them on my phone.

Finally I had what I considered to be a complete song and then used my final rough iPhone recording as the basis for recording it all over again.
I also had a Martin pick-up inserted in the resonator guitar, which gave it more 'bite.'

On the final multi-track recording I laid down my resonator guitar over MIDI drums, added bass, synth strings, percussion and electric lead guitar, which takes it to a final crescendo. The intro's Americana and then the band kicks in with a moderate rock-country feel culminating in a finale with lead electric guitar breaking through.

We also set up a video session and I played along to various bits to create a 'one-man-band' YouTube clip scenario. Then it was ready to go on YouTube and iTunes.

Regarding the title 'Resolution' - the puns were defintely intentional. Part of it has to do with my New Year's resolution to record a complete song from a musical idea I had on December 31st. The other pertains to the 'Reso-' part of the word, which relates to 'resonator'.

Hopefully I've delivered on my New Year's resolution and I will now experience good luck for the remainder of the year. Or at least I think that's how it's supposed to go!"

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Promotional Video on YouTube@:http://youtu.be/vd8vl2D092g


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